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Calling all Bookworms . . .

Elsie’s Attic Book Club is an amazing online group where fabulous women can bond and support each other over their love of books. We will have monthly reads, discussions, book reviews, author Q&As, book shelfies and exclusive discounts for our members

Each month we will choose four to five books for book club members to then vote on to be read of the month.  We will try and pick at least one book from the following categories:-

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Autobiography
  • A classic ( we’re not talking about the Greeks & Romans here, just books we all think everyone should read as they are so blummin good!)
  • The members’ choice – Every month we will ask for suggestions from our members and then add the most popular to the vote too!

We have also just launched our amazing Book Lovers Collection featuring literary inspired tees and sweatshirts, mugs, tote bags and more! Total must haves for all book worms.  Members of our book club will receive exclusive early bird sneak peeps and discounts on the collection.






If this sounds like your cup of tea then head on over to the book club Facebook page and join up – we are all dying to meet you!

Big love, Team Attic xx

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