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Cutting Through the Crap

💪 C U T T I N G  T H R O U G H  T H E  C R A P 💪
No ‘new year new me’ vibes here . . . for all the women out there that need to hear this, you are ENOUGH as you are! ❤
This ‘New year, new me’ always makes me so sad & a little anxious with all the pressure and people doing themselves down!! What’s wrong with the current you?!? Nothing is the answer to that! Sure polish up around the edges but don’t put your life on hold until you are perfect . . . YOU ARE AMAZING AS YOU ARE!!
I would NEVER usually put myself out there, well, not until I had lost lots of weight, got my hair done, bought new clothes, redecorated the whole house but today, I just thought, why not!? This is me, earlier today, no make up, sweaty hair, bedroom a tip as we are decorating and a size 16.
Then this year, I lost a couple of people very dear to me and had life changing knee replacement surgery. This all gave me the jolt I needed to just get on and live life! I understand the new year new me sentiment, I was the Queen of it . . . who else scoffed all the ‘bad food’ in the house before starting their diet . . . not just me and Geri Halliwell, I’m sure!!
I started Elsie’s Attic out of a passion for wanting women to feel good in what they wear. I spend all day encouraging women to wear what they want, convincing them they are fabulous and can look good in clothes whatever their size but all along I was hiding behind the scenes until I lost weight, got my hair done blah blah blah!
But now I see how damaging and counter productive it can be and now my new mantra is, I am better than yesterday! My knee is better, my mood is better, my health is better & I am slowly working towards where I want to be but in the mean time, why can’t I, as a forty something size 16 woman be seen?! So here is me, no make up, PT session just done, with wobbly bits and all but I’m blummin happy!! The PT is not so I can be thin but so I can be fit, strong, healthy and here for my kids!
I’ll say it again . . . you are fabulous, amazing and just perfect as you are now get out there and do what YOU want to do!!
Much love Amanda xxx