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Doing More to Save the Planet!

So if you have placed an order with us recently you might have noticed something different . . .  we have started to send out a lot of our orders wrapped in tissue paper.  Not only does it look and feel a lot nicer, it’s all part of our efforts to stop using single use plastics.  Hopefully our long term followers will know we are a vegan fashion brand and that we don’t sell any animal products but obviously, we care about the wider environment too.  We are constantly looking for ways to do more as it really is something we are passionate about.

We are now working towards eliminating all single use plastic from our warehouse.  Currently, we recycle 100% of the plastic that comes through our warehouse but unfortunately, when the garment and mailing bags land with you amazing people, they aren’t usually recyclable in a domestic setting.  So, we are now replacing all of our plastic garment bags with tissue paper!  We have been trialing this for the last few weeks and it seems to work really well, we haven’t had any negative feed back and it seems to stand up to the rigors of going through the mailing system.

We still have some suppliers that send items to us in plastic garment bags, so we have decided to still send those out. It doesn’t really make sense, from a waste point of view, to to unpackage and repackage them.  Rest assured though, we are constantly talking to our suppliers about ways these can be eliminated too!

Next step for us will be to swap our mailing bags. We are looking at lots of options that can be recycled, biodegrade, made from paper and so on.  If you know of any ace companies that can help then please let us know.  If you have any feedback on what we are doing, we’d also love to hear from you.  Pop us a line at

Much love Team Attic xx

3 thoughts on “Doing More to Save the Planet!

  1. The national trust send out their magazines in compostable bags, not sure if that’s any help.

    1. Thank you so much lovely! We are members of the National Trust so I have seen the clear one the mags come in! They are on our radar! xx

  2. Well done Team Attic.
    I am very impressed by what you are doing. Keep it up. ??‍♀️??❣❣xx

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