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Netball Sponsorship Finalists! The Vote is ON!!

So, hopefully you have seen the competition we have been running on our Facebook page for netball sponsorship.

We have been totally blown away with the response, 100s of teams have entered (and to think we said we would be happy with 50 when we started!) and it has been an honour to go through all the applications, some truly inspiration women out there!  So the whole of Team Attic sat down to go through the applications but we genuinely did struggle to pick just one so we thought, why not put it to the public vote!!  You can cast your vote on our Facebook page until midnight Sunday 23rd June (only votes cast this way will count) and the winner will be announced soon after – depending on how many we have to count!

Before we tell you more about the finalists, here’s a little reminder of what is on offer for the winning team . . .

  • Sponsored shirts/dresses
  • Tickets to the netball world cup this coming July
  • Exclusive Elsie’s Attic discount codes
  • Regular features on our social media and website!
  • The chance to take part in a team photo shoot

So who are our finalists, well we wanted to choose teams that encapsulate what Elsie’s Attic as a brand is about and we think with these epic, dynamic, strong and inspirational teams, we have done just that!  In alphabetical order, the finalists, in their own words, are  . . .

Arden Forest

We are Arden Forest Netball Team which started out as a group of mums from the school playground

We’ve been going for the last 5 years and train every Thursday evening. We’ve worked our way up from the bottom of the league to this year winning our division and therefore moving up to a higher division next season.

Our dedication, commitment, personalities, and not only how we work together as a team on the pitch but off the pitch also, has seen us recruit new players from much higher divisions. Go us!!

We hold an annual quiz night, which has become very popular year on year, enabling us to purchase essential equipment needed.  It’s seen our children come together, wanting to play the game too, which is just awesome.

For most of us it’s changed our lives, in one way or another. It’s gained strong friendships, seen some lose weight, have lots more energy, and for some it’s helped with their own mental health including post natal depression. As a group of mums it has made us all feel valued and most importantly we have found ourselves as individuals again.

To vote for Arden Forest, hop over to our Facebook page and comment on our pinned post ‘Arden Forest’.


Baby Catchers

We are a group of midwives called ‘the baby catchers’ we have recently set up training for all health care professionals to get together and de-stress from work. We currently have about 25 members, some honorary midwives too! We meet Mondays to play netball, our coach Penny is a retired teacher who has played Netball for over 30 years, in her 70’s forced to retire due to her arthritic hands.

We are hoping to expand our training across our hospital as this group of women love playing and feel its made a massive difference to our working lives as well as our personal lives!  We are mainly midwives who all work in different areas of the hospital, playing Netball has brought us together as a team.
We have one netball, its pink and a set of 2 bibs, bought from our personal finances, we have a logo that a kind graphic designer did for us for free, we hope to get dresses soon to look the part when we play!
Our team was recently mentioned on the BBC netball channel for our team name, we are very proud of our team and love how our team has been brought together.

To vote for Baby Catchers, hop over to our Facebook page and comment on our pinned post ‘Baby Catchers’.


Brize Jets

Brize Jets netball squad  are part of Brize NC, a very small club made up of three senior teams and a junior set up. The Jets currently play in the South Region Div 2, having just been demoted from Div 1 !  The squad is made up primarily of serving RAF personnel and dependents and the club has been running since the Manager’s mum, formally an RAF PTI, set it up as an ‘RAF BRIZE WIVES’ club back in 1978!

We currently have zero funding or sponsorship and haven’t for many years. We buy our own kit, pay big club fees to cover our expenses and also cover travel costs which can see us drive 200 mile round trips for a match….not to mention return flights to Guernsey!!

We are a fun, lively and energetic bunch of girls, many of us juggling jobs and young families whilst our husbands are away for weeks/months at a time! There is no better way to pass the weeks until their return than taking to the court and playing the sport we love, with friends we have made for life!! We are each other’s BEST supporters!!

To vote for Brize Jets, hop over to our Facebook page and comment on our pinned post ‘Brize Jets’.




We are a group of 40 years plus friends that have been playing together for 10 years plus now, we play in the Sandwich & Dover leagues in Kent, we are as strong as family & when we win we win together and when we lose we lose together! We go out to have fun and enjoy but we ultimately do like to WIN! We have won in both leagues before and haven’t been out of the top 3 for the past 5 years! We have been through weddings & losses of loved ones and IVF journeys and breast cancer and nothing has ever broken us! We would absolutely love to be sponsored by you! 

To vote for Reevos, hop over to our Facebook page and comment on our pinned post ‘Reevos’.


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Doing More to Save the Planet!

So if you have placed an order with us recently you might have noticed something different . . .  we have started to send out a lot of our orders wrapped in tissue paper.  Not only does it look and feel a lot nicer, it’s all part of our efforts to stop using single use plastics.  Hopefully our long term followers will know we are a vegan fashion brand and that we don’t sell any animal products but obviously, we care about the wider environment too.  We are constantly looking for ways to do more as it really is something we are passionate about.

We are now working towards eliminating all single use plastic from our warehouse.  Currently, we recycle 100% of the plastic that comes through our warehouse but unfortunately, when the garment and mailing bags land with you amazing people, they aren’t usually recyclable in a domestic setting.  So, we are now replacing all of our plastic garment bags with tissue paper!  We have been trialing this for the last few weeks and it seems to work really well, we haven’t had any negative feed back and it seems to stand up to the rigors of going through the mailing system.

We still have some suppliers that send items to us in plastic garment bags, so we have decided to still send those out. It doesn’t really make sense, from a waste point of view, to to unpackage and repackage them.  Rest assured though, we are constantly talking to our suppliers about ways these can be eliminated too!

Next step for us will be to swap our mailing bags. We are looking at lots of options that can be recycled, biodegrade, made from paper and so on.  If you know of any ace companies that can help then please let us know.  If you have any feedback on what we are doing, we’d also love to hear from you.  Pop us a line at

Much love Team Attic xx

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Calling all Charitable Causes!

?? Calling all charitable causes!! ??

WE ARE GIVING AWAY SOME OLD STOCK! We have a rail of items that have minor faults that we are not going to sell so we thought we would pass them onto a good cause. They can still be sold as seconds and hopefully raise some money for a good cause.

So, if you are a charitable cause that could make use of these goodies, we’d love to hear from you, All you need to do is hop on over to our Facebook, have a look for one of the posts about this giveaway (top tip – search our page for charitable causes) and tell us a bit about your cause and we will pick one! Please comment by 12 midnight on Thursday 23rd May.

Much love Team Attic xx ?

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All the Pregnant Ladies!!

So, we all know how super amazing our slouch trousers are and quite frankly, we don’t know how we ever lived without ours . . .  so we thought we would road test them on some of our gorgeous pregnant followers!!  We put a shout out for ladies to road test them for us in return for an honest opinion and a few snaps of the trousers and bumps in action.

I think it’s fair to say that a re a raving success and can definitely be a staple of any maternity wardrobe! Here’s what the beautiful ladies had to say . . .

Faye – 30 weeks pregnant

Size 14 pre-pregnancy – wearing the size 14 – 18 trousers

OMG thank you so much for the trousers they are AMAZING! So I’m 30 weeks to the day and they fit like an absolute dream and are SO COMFY! they sit really neatly on my bump to, not to low and not to high which is perfect.  As I’m quite far gone now I usually seem to have a nightmare finding pants that sit right but these are just absolute spot on!
Again thank you so so much! I will definitely be grabbing a few more pairs of these off you






Natalie – 38 weeks pregnant (eeek!)

Natalie was a size 14-16 pre-pregnancy and wears the size 14-18

I’ve found them really comfy, wore them out shopping for a whole day and they were great. They fit comfortably over my bump now, but I think they’ll be great while I’m losing the baby weight too- I know I’m going to want to be super comfy- but still look like I’ve made an effort!





Jordan – 34 weeks pregnant

Size 6 pre-pregnancy and wearing the size 6 – 12 trousers. Jordan describes herself as now a size 8 all over with a big bump!

The sun has just started to make an appearance in Northern Ireland and at 34 weeks pregnant that’s not something I’m very pleased about! The heat has made my calves join seamlessly with my, now, extremely chunky, balloon like ankles and I’m struggling to find anything comfortable to wear! So, I was super excited when I received these star print slouch trousers! They are so so soft and comfortable! I wore these to work all day and didn’t want to take them off when I got home so lounged about in them all evening too. You could wear them up over the bump if you were wearing a loose fitting top to hide the thick-ish waist band but I chose to roll mine down once, so they sat comfortably under the bump. There’s a draw string waistband which means you can adjust if needs be, but they didn’t budge or fall down all day. They were also the perfect weight! I think I was expecting them to be thicker because of the denim look but they are lovely, light and airy. Just what’s needed right now! While they fitted perfectly, they were roomy and had a good bit of stretch to them too so I can see them fitting a wide range of shapes and sizes beautifully. There are currently two other pregnant girls in my office and they were both super jealous of me boasting about how comfortable I was all day! They now want a pair! Them and about three other none pregnant colleagues! Safe to say they went down a treat! Would recommend for pregnant ladies and non-pregnant ladies alike! ‘

Amy 19 weeks Pregnant
Amy was a size 12 pre-pregnancy and wears the size 6 – 12 trousers. Here’s what Amy had to say . . .
The trousers are really comfy, I’m 19 weeks and they will fit me for a good while yet, and will be good for after I’ve had the baby, and knowing I’ve not spend a fortune on maternity clothes is a bonus as these will easily be worn after baby not just packed away and forgotten about like with normal maternity wear.
What I love is that they can be dressed up as they look smart or can be worn for lounging but In no way do I feel uncomfortable.  I’d possibly size up towards the end of my pregnancy  but for now they are great and I’ll be ordering another pair.  It was nice to do the school run wearing a more stylish pair of trousers rather than leggings or standard joggers.

Holly – 24 weeks pregnant

Holly was a size 14 per pregnancy and is wearing the size 14-18 trousers.

I received my new trousers this morning. They are glorious. Very roomy, i went for my yoga in them.
They look glamorous and i know there will be plenty of room for my wee bump to grow as i am only just starting to show.  The lining is wonderful, very airy and will be a god send come summer time and being a sweaty preggy lady!







So, it seems fair to say that mums and bumps give the trousers a massive thumbs up.  If you are unsure on which size to wear, go for your usual size unless you are a size 12 then if you have a big bump maybe think about going up a size!  See all the slouch trousers here.

We look forward to seeing the bumps as babies!! Thanks ladies!

All the loves – Amanda xx

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Calling all Netball Players!

Are you part of an epic, vibrant and positive netball club? If so, we’d love to hear from you! We are massive netball fans here in the Attic, one or two of us might even pull on our netball skirts every now and then for a game along with the fact that England are hosting the World Cup this year, we thought this would be a great time to sponsor an epic, energetic, vibrant, positive netball team and help promote the most fantastic game!

We don’t care how good you are, how old you are but you must be a registered team that plays regular matches with an ‘official’ kit that we can put our name to. So what will the chosen team get from us . . .

  • Sponsored shirts
  • Tickets to the netball world cup this coming September
  • Exclusive Elsie’s Attic discount codes
  • Regular features on our social media and website!
  • The chance to take part in a team photo shoot


To be in with a chance of winning we need a group photo or a video of your amazing team showing off your personalities to the full!

In no more than 200 words tell us why we should pick your epic team, what makes you standout from the crowd?!


Please send your submissions to by 5pm FRIDAY 14TH JUNE

Checkout our regular posts about this on Facebook too and get involved to get yourselves noticed!!



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Cruelty Free Fashion Here at Elsie’s Attic

We are bringing this post back from the archives as we think it is important to have a reminder at this time of year when fashion is getting snuggly, all the high street stores and boutiques are pushing faux fur . . .  or so you think. . .   Have a read to find out why we are cruelty free and how we working to be as ethical as business as we can . . .

We are so pleased to tell you all that Elsie’s Attic is cruelty free! . . . well . .  we have never been not cruelty free, but read on and it will become clear!

Steve (Mr Attic) and I are passionate about animals and are whole family, are either strict vegetarians or vegan! So, we thought it was only right that our business followed suit.  We have never sold leather and would never, ever, ever go near fur.  However, we were hearing more and more about major, high street brands being caught out in selling items that they genuinely believed to be fake fur that in fact contain fur from real living animals such as fox, racoon and even cat!

So, we decided to have a look at a scarf we had bought from one of our suppliers as we all felt the faux fur was not so faux! We had spoken with our supplier who assured us it was NOT real fur, as that was what they had been told when they also queried it with the manufacturer.  So, we decided to cut one open and have a look . . .  as you can see from the pictures – this is REAL fur not faux.  I’m sure most of you can imagine how upset we were! So, we realised the only way to be real fur free is to be totally fur free – so from now on we will no longer stock any faux fur items either!

In terms of the scarves we had with fur pom poms – one brave member of staff cut all of the pom poms off and we then donated the fur free scarves to our local horse sanctuary, Pablos, for them to sell on their charity stall . . . at least this way some good can come of it.

We thought you might also be interested to know we donate set amounts every month from our profits to four animal charities,The Dogs Trust, Pablos Horse Sanctuary, Hillside Animal Sanctuary, and Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.  We also donate some of our old stock to a homeless charity in Nottingham, Base 51 and we are actively looking for more local charities to support too. We are also just about to start working with the charity Sharewear in Nottingham too!

We have also decided that from 2019 we will not be selling products with wool in them.  Opinions are very divided on wool as some feel it is ncecessary for the sheeps’ welfare.  While this might be true, having witnessed scenes of sheep being sheared including here in the UK, it’s not something we feel comfortable supporting and being a part of.

Our next mission is plastic reduction! In the new year we will be eliminating all platic garment and postal bags from our warehouse in our drive to go plastic free! Watch this space! #fortheanimals

Much love Amanda and the rest of Team Attic xx

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Calling all Selfie Queens!

?? We are on the hunt for more fabulous brand reps to join our team! Fancy joining us? Then have a read and get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! ??
Are you . . .
✔️ The queen of selfies
✔️ Happy and confident . . . then read on
So what’s involved . . .
You will come and hang out with us in the Attic and take selfies in our little studio. There will also be occasional photo shoots to get involved with. We pay you for your time and we give you a discount code too!
You will need to live near to us either in SOUTH NOTTS OR LEICSTERSHIRE (near our new base there) as you will need to come in once or twice a week when as we need you.
Sound like something you want to get involved with, then please send us an email – you MUST include two recent photos of yourself, ideally one selfie and tell us a little bit about yourself. Pop us a line at
Excited to hear from you! Much Love EA Amanda x
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Come and work with us . . . exciting new role!

Stock Control Manager – Based at our Cotgrave HQ, Nottinghamshire

Stock control, that is, having the right items on the site at the right time, is integral to our brand and our business success.  Our customers know what they want, and they want it now; this role will ensure the right products are present on the site for them.

We are extending our HQ Team, based in Cotgrave with this full-time position.

The role will involve managing orders coming in to our warehouse, entering stock onto the back end of our site, reordering when necessary and ensuring stock levels are at all times correct.

This is an exciting time for Elsie’s Attic as we expand our business and we’d love to extend a warm welcome to the right person for this position.

Stock Control Manager – The Details

37.5 hours a week

Salary to be agreed. Statutory holiday allowance.

How to Apply:

Email with the following information AND your CV

– Brief summary of your current position, what you do, why you are looking to move on from your current role

– Why you want to work with us at Elsie’s Attic

– Your salary expectations

– Two reference contacts – name, email, address and phone number.

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Calling all independent business owners . . . do you want to work with Elsie’s Attic?

. . . are you an independent business owner? Are you pretty epic? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Elsie’s Attic is expanding and we are looking for independent businesses to partner with. We are interested in hearing from smaller, independent businesses that make/produce their own goods that can be featured on our site.  We are interested in hearing about anything and everything!

If you think you have something special we’d love to hear about then please email us at with details of your business and what it is you produce!

Excited to hear from you! Much love EA Amanda x

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Celebrating Women Photo Shoot!

Wow, what a day . . . .  on a otherwise nondescript day in April, we got together around 40 women to hold a decadent style tea party photo shoot to celebrate just how fabulous womankind is!   We work very hard here in the Attic to represent relatable women through our brand; women of all ages, sizes, shapes and backgrounds – we are all amazing so let’s celebrate that!  So, we thought a tea party in our tulle skirts would be the perfect way to do so.

So we set about recruiting models from our lovely followers and we were utterly blown away and honoured by the responses we received.  Now, there’s no judging here, so we didn’t choose people on their looks, our ladies are about so much more than that. We sat down, as a team, and recruited a bunch of ladies of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds to come along and kick ass!  None of the girls . .  well, except our brand rep Jordan, had modelled before, so it just added to the excitement . . .  and nerves!

Then we needed a venue . . . we are lucky enough to be based on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside so we thought we would use one of the quaint village halls near us and draw on those vintage vibes . . . . can’t beat the smell of the old wooden floors – like being back at school! Although the venue was great – it really was just a blank canvas  . . . so along came the super duper event stylist, Betty Loves Vintage to transform the venue into a magical set up for the shoot! If you are getting married or running an event, you need Helen from Betty Loves Vintage, and her amazing array of props.


Just a few of the epic props and styling by Betty Loves Vintage


After a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and the whole of Team Attic and beyond working night and day to get everything in place– we were ready for shooting on the Saturday. The ladies involved travelled from near and far to get to us and lots stayed over the night before  . . .  just adding to the party atmosphere on the day!  Now when it comes to photos the ladies to do the job were obviously the gorgeously fun Emily and Katy of Emily and Katy Photography  . . . they are definitely the best in the business, in fact we trusted them to shoot our own wedding last July and they were flippin ace!

We also recruited a fabulous team of super talented hair and makeup stylists to make the models on the day look even more incredible than they already do.  Again, a team of amazing women stylists responded to our call outs on social media and we went with a team that most fitted our vibe! We have included the details of all stylists involved at the end of this post – we can personally and totally recommend each and everyone of them!

The styling team started work very early and did an amazing job pampering and making over our models for the shoot.














The aim for the day was essentially to have fun!  We wanted to capture the essence of the day – women empowering other women! None of the ladies involved really knew anyone else before the shoot, by the end of it we were all planning an annual reunion!  We spent time shooting each model individually in our super pretty tulle skirts before eating more cake than probably  necessary, swigged down with more than one glass of prosecco!  We then had retouches, outfit changes and more group shots.


The day was truly amazing and we all loved every minute of it . . .  it was topped off by a little surprise visitor that you might recognise . . .  it was only our Gemma from Coronation Street, AKA Dolly-Rose Campbell, friend of the Attic!


You will see lots of shots from the shoot over the next few weeks and months but here is a shot of each model so you can see how fabulous they all were!



It was such an amazing day that felt really magical to be involved with.  We mustn’t forget to mention our amazing catering crew . . .  AKA our mums! We were all kept wonderfully fed and watered from early morning pastries for brekkie through to afternoon tea, and lots of refuelling on cake and bubbles throughout the day.




I hope you all love the shots as much as we loved making them, we have 100s to share over the coming weeks and months!  Thank you to all involved you were all super star beautiful professionals and thank you to everyone who buys our tulle skirts it means so much!

Much love Amanda (EA Owner and Chief Tulle skirt fluffer!)

. . .  and that ladies and gentleman, is a wrap!

As promised, here are the details for our awesome styling team – gold star recommended!

Taisiya Marsh – Beauty by Taisiya
Caroline Potter – Make up by Caroline Potter
Anna Murray – Wedding Hair in the Lakes
Rachael Doig
Emily Haydon
Lauren at Plaits and Pin Curls
Sophie Peake
 The most epicly stylish and delicious cake by Sophie and Big Day Blooms and Cakes. . . .  And in case you missed it earlier, the amazing venue styling was by Helen of Betty Loves Vintage.