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Elsie’s Attic Book Club: Interview with Author Chloe Kent

OK, final question that I just need to ask . . . What did your mother in law say to the book?

She doesn’t know! I know that’s probably not the answer people will want  but for now it’s true. I think because my husband cut all contact so she hasn’t been aware of what we have been doing.

I’m a little nervous about what she might try and do when/if she finds out. But we are quite well protected now by the non-molestation order.

I did repeatedly discuss it with my husband before the book was released. I wanted to be hundred percent sure that he was happy and comfortable with me releasing it. He was my biggest supporter and thought the book deserved to be out there. So we did.

Chloe’s book is available to buy on Amazon and she is working on her second novel, too!


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