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Our Super Duper Warehouse Sale is Back!

We are so excited to tell you that our super duper warehouse sale is back!

Saturday 3rd June 2017, 9am until 1pm . . .  or longer if you are still shopping!

We have lots of end of line dresses waiting for their forever homes as well as one off samples.

We also have lots and lots of samples of our beautiful tulle skirts just waiting for you all!

All dresses are £25 and under along with more bargain rails!

It is always such a great event and we just love being able to meet our beautiful customers face to face.

So excited to hopefully meet more of you!

Just a little bit of boring stuff . . .

. . . as we are usually an online business we don’t have a card machine so payment is cash only.

The sale is in our working warehouse so as such we don’t have changing rooms.  Lots of ladies (that are clearly a pro at this) usually come in leggings and a vest so they can pop a dress on over their clothes – great thinking!

It’s always a lovely day, really warm and friendly and we are always so touched at how far some of you travel to come and see us  . . . i think the record so far is Glasgow!

Here’s the address of where we will be!

Elsie’s Attic, Unit 2 Candleby Court, Candleby Lane, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire, NG12 3QB

See you there.  Much love – Amanda and the team xxx

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