All the Pregnant Ladies!!

All the Pregnant Ladies!!

So, we all know how super amazing our slouch trousers are and quite frankly, we don’t know how we ever lived without ours . . . so we thought we would road test them on some of our gorgeous pregnant followers!! We put a shout out for ladies to road test them for us in return for an honest opinion and a few snaps of the trousers and bumps in action.

I think it’s fair to say that a re a raving success and can definitely be a staple of any maternity wardrobe! Here’s what the beautiful ladies had to say . . .

Faye – 30 weeks pregnant

Size 14 pre-pregnancy – wearing the size 14 – 18 trousers

OMG thank you so much for the trousers they are AMAZING! So I’m 30 weeks to the day and they fit like an absolute dream and are SO COMFY! they sit really neatly on my bump to, not to low and not to high which is perfect. As I’m quite far gone now I usually seem to have a nightmare finding pants that sit right but these are just absolute spot on!
Again thank you so so much! I will definitely be grabbing a few more pairs of these off you

Natalie – 38 weeks pregnant (eeek!)

Natalie was a size 14-16 pre-pregnancy and wears the size 14-18

I’ve found them really comfy, wore them out shopping for a whole day and they were great. They fit comfortably over my bump now, but I think they’ll be great while I’m losing the baby weight too- I know I’m going to want to be super comfy- but still look like I’ve made an effort!

Jordan – 34 weeks pregnant

Size 6 pre-pregnancy and wearing the size 6 – 12 trousers. Jordan describes herself as now a size 8 all over with a big bump!

The sun has just started to make an appearance in Northern Ireland and at 34 weeks pregnant that’s not something I’m very pleased about! The heat has made my calves join seamlessly with my, now, extremely chunky, balloon like ankles and I’m struggling to find anything comfortable to wear! So, I was super excited when I received these star print slouch trousers! They are so so soft and comfortable! I wore these to work all day and didn’t want to take them off when I got home so lounged about in them all evening too. You could wear them up over the bump if you were wearing a loose fitting top to hide the thick-ish waist band but I chose to roll mine down once, so they sat comfortably under the bump. There’s a draw string waistband which means you can adjust if needs be, but they didn’t budge or fall down all day. They were also the perfect weight! I think I was expecting them to be thicker because of the denim look but they are lovely, light and airy. Just what’s needed right now! While they fitted perfectly, they were roomy and had a good bit of stretch to them too so I can see them fitting a wide range of shapes and sizes beautifully. There are currently two other pregnant girls in my office and they were both super jealous of me boasting about how comfortable I was all day! They now want a pair! Them and about three other none pregnant colleagues! Safe to say they went down a treat! Would recommend for pregnant ladies and non-pregnant ladies alike! ‘

Amy 19 weeks Pregnant
Amy was a size 12 pre-pregnancy and wears the size 6 – 12 trousers. Here’s what Amy had to say . . .
The trousers are really comfy, I’m 19 weeks and they will fit me for a good while yet, and will be good for after I’ve had the baby, and knowing I’ve not spend a fortune on maternity clothes is a bonus as these will easily be worn after baby not just packed away and forgotten about like with normal maternity wear.
What I love is that they can be dressed up as they look smart or can be worn for lounging but In no way do I feel uncomfortable. I’d possibly size up towards the end of my pregnancy but for now they are great and I’ll be ordering another pair. It was nice to do the school run wearing a more stylish pair of trousers rather than leggings or standard joggers.

Holly – 24 weeks pregnant

Holly was a size 14 per pregnancy and is wearing the size 14-18 trousers.

I received my new trousers this morning. They are glorious. Very roomy, i went for my yoga in them.
They look glamorous and i know there will be plenty of room for my wee bump to grow as i am only just starting to show. The lining is wonderful, very airy and will be a god send come summer time and being a sweaty preggy lady!

So, it seems fair to say that mums and bumps give the trousers a massive thumbs up. If you are unsure on which size to wear, go for your usual size unless you are a size 12 then if you have a big bump maybe think about going up a size! See all the slouch trousers here.

We look forward to seeing the bumps as babies!! Thanks ladies!

All the loves – Amanda xx

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