Cruelty Free Fashion Here at Elsie's Attic

We are bringing this post back from the archives as we think it is important to have a reminder at this time of year when fashion is getting snuggly, all the high street stores and boutiques are pushing faux fur . . . or so you think. . . Have a read to find out why we are cruelty free and how we working to be as ethical as business as we can . . .

We are so pleased to tell you all that Elsie’s Attic is cruelty free! . . . well . . we have never been not cruelty free, but read on and it will become clear!

Steve (Mr Attic) and I are passionate about animals and are whole family, are either strict vegetarians or vegan! So, we thought it was only right that our business followed suit. We have never sold leather and would never, ever, ever go near fur. However, we were hearing more and more about major, high street brands being caught out in selling items that they genuinely believed to be fake fur that in fact contain fur from real living animals such as fox, racoon and even cat!

So, we decided to have a look at a scarf we had bought from one of our suppliers as we all felt the faux fur was not so faux! We had spoken with our supplier who assured us it was NOT real fur, as that was what they had been told when they also queried it with the manufacturer. So, we decided to cut one open and have a look . . . as you can see from the pictures – this is REAL fur not faux. I’m sure most of you can imagine how upset we were! So, we realised the only way to be real fur free is to be totally fur free – so from now on we will no longer stock any faux fur items either!

In terms of the scarves we had with fur pom poms – one brave member of staff cut all of the pom poms off and we then donated the fur free scarves to our local horse sanctuary, Pablos, for them to sell on their charity stall . . . at least this way some good can come of it.

We thought you might also be interested to know we donate set amounts every month from our profits to four animal charities,The Dogs Trust, Pablos Horse Sanctuary, Hillside Animal Sanctuary, and Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. We also donate some of our old stock to a homeless charity in Nottingham, Base 51 and we are actively looking for more local charities to support too. We are also just about to start working with the charity Sharewear in Nottingham too!

We have also decided that from 2019 we will not be selling products with wool in them. Opinions are very divided on wool as some feel it is ncecessary for the sheeps’ welfare. While this might be true, having witnessed scenes of sheep being sheared including here in the UK, it’s not something we feel comfortable supporting and being a part of.

Our next mission is plastic reduction! In the new year we will be eliminating all platic garment and postal bags from our warehouse in our drive to go plastic free! Watch this space! #fortheanimals

Much love Amanda and the rest of Team Attic xx

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