Elsie's Attic Turns three . . . what a ride!

Elsie's Attic Turns three . . . what a ride!

OK, so we are a little late with this blog post (we actually turned three at the beginning of July – remember our bumper weekend of giveaways!!) but that’s life all over in the Attic – so busy and so manic but we love it!

We thought you might be interested in our tale of the last three years, of how we started and got to where we are now . . . we’d give you a little bit of a sneak peep behind the scenes!

So, who is this Elsie . . . well Elsie is me, Amanda, and my amazing husband too, Steve! We own and run Elsie’s Attic together and we have done each other any serious harm . . . . yet!

This is us . . . and that’s Rick Astley in the background!

Just over three years ago I was feeling a bit dissatisfied in my career, you know the story, Our eldest son was only four and just starting school and I missed him desperately and so wanted to be there to do the school runs. I was a trained Forensic Psychologist, had owned my own dog training business and then gone on to work in PR but none of it was floating my boat . . . after a late night chat over a bottle or two, we decided to use my passion for fashion and start Elsie’s Attic . . . or Tallulah Rose as we were initially called!

We started out just selling bags, scarves and jewellery . . . I look back on our early Facebook days and smile and cringe in equal measure! Right from the start we wanted to stock things that are just a little bit different but pretty, always pretty – we just love girly fashion!

Elsie’s Attic branding from the very early days! What a throw back and how we have changed!

So that was it – off we went, I ensconced myself at our kitchen table and really, seriously, I barely moved for the first year! I spent days and days searching out fantastic lines and we soon expanded into clothes. We initially used to sell on Facebook and then after a few months we decided to bite the bullet and commissioned a website. Quite probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done – particularly the time I worked 36 hours straight with no break or sleep to get all the products loaded up . . . but it was done and ready to launch so we did the obvious thing . . . buggered off to a festival for the weekend! Little did we know then how truly epic things would become!

The rest of the time has really been a blur . . . we both gave up our full time jobs and worked full time on the Attic. We expanded from our kitchen table to the garage and then bought a new house from which we were going to run the business from the converted garage . . . after only a few days and 12 boxes outside in the pouring rain, we knew it was time for more space and staff!

. . . and so the orders just kept on coming so, as scary as it was, we moved into our own warehouse and took on our first members of staff! Two years later, we have kissed more than a few frogs but we now have the most amazing team who help to ensure your beautiful items reach you as quickly and as safely as possible . . . say hi to the very camera shy Alison, Lindsay and Shelley!

We have also seen our celebrity collaborations grow . . . we started off with Fifi Geldof, have made friends with the super kind and generous Jodie Marsh and have been over the moon to work with others including Karen Clifton, Lorraine Kelly, Stacey Solomon and the very sweet and funny Dolly-Rose Campbell (aka Gemma in Corrie!).

The super lovely Dolly-Rose Campbell collecting her National Soap Award in our dress! Excited!

The super sweet and generous Jodie Marsh wearing our own label tulle skirt – just love this lady!

This year has been particularly fabulous . . . our own label is going from strength to strength. Our tulle skirts are super popular and we even had our very first photo shoot with Elsie’s Attic fans as models – such a cracking day and you can read all about it here. We have big plans afoot to launch more of our own label products too . . . exciting times!

The action from behind the scenes at our shoot!

Amongst all this in the last 12 months we have also found time to have a baby and get married!

Our little Jesse Johnson who arrived June 2016 amongst full on Attic life – I had a full three days maternity leave!

Our gorgeous Henry who was our initial motivation to have a more flexible and family friendly way of life

Best day ever – Team Attic got married!
Best bouquet ever!
Best cake ever!

We now run this fun, crazy enterprise with two boys in tow . . . not forgetting the Attic dogs, Otto and Bertie!

We are now busy bees getting ready for the wonderful Christmas season, personally my favourite! We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support, orders and messages. Our favourite times are when you all come and see us at our warehouse sales!

A little snapshot of our last warehouse sale – 100s of you came to see us and we just loved it!

If you have any feedback, comments or just want to say hi, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you – amanda@elsiesattic.co.uk

Big love Amanda, Steve and the rest of the Attic team . . . Mwah! x EA

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